A self-regenerating concept tire

Tire company Goodyear developed a new concept tire called reCharge that can adapt and change to meet individual mobility needs.

The concept focuses on three factors: personalisation, sustainability and being hassle free.

At the core of the tire is a reloadable and biodegradable tread compound that can be recharged with individual capsules. This concept aims to simplify the process of replacing tires. The capsules are filled with a customised liquid compound, allowing the tread to regenerate and the tire to adapt to climate circumstances, road conditions, or your personal preference. The company says, “Thanks to artificial intelligence a driver profile would be created around which the liquid compound would be customized, generating a compound blend tailored to each individual.”

The compound itself would be made of biological material and reinforced with spider silk, one of the toughest natural materials found in nature. This would make the compound both extremely durable and 100 per cent biodegradable.

Finally, the tires are supposed to be hassle free, again thanks to the rechargeable capsules. The tread would be supported by a lightweight, non-pneumatic frame and a tall-and-narrow shape. The thin, low-maintenance construction eliminate the need for pressure maintenance or tire punctures.

In 2018, Goodyear presented a 3D printed concept tire with integrated moss. Read more about this project here.

Images: Goodyear