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A solar panel that looks like a ceramic roof tile

Italian company Dyaqua developed solar panels that look like real terracotta roof tiles.

While solar panels are necessary for the energy transition, their aesthetics are a reason some people don’t want them, or why they aren’t allowed on historical buildings. While there are some alternatives to the common blue or black solar panels, like design solar panels for the façade or roof tiles with integrated photovoltaic modules, the Dyaqua roof tiles doesn’t even look like a solar panel at all.

The company claims that they can make solar panels with the appearance of any building material, including terracotta roof tiles. The tile is made with a ceramic cover that hides and protects the photovoltaic cells that are incorporated inside. The operation is based on the low molecular density principle. Each module is made with a recyclable non-toxic polymeric compound, that is specifically processed to encourage the photons absorption.

Common monocrystalline silicon cells are incorporated inside the module, while a special surface which is opaque for eyes but transparent for sun rays, allows the light to enter in it and feed the cells.

The roof tiles are artisan products, which means that none are exactly the same.

Photos: Dyaqua