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A stool made of spent shower sponges and coffee grounds

Master students at Columbia University GSAPP in the US designed a stool made of plant-based by-products, including luffa sponges and coffee grounds.

Called Luffa Stoolita, the stool is made using used sponges, with clay-rich soil as a binding agent and coffee grounds as an aggregate. The design incorporates all components of the luffa. The material is used as formwork, the fibres are used for the construction and its cushioning properties for comfort and support.

The legs are made from halved luffa segments, which are filled with the earth/coffee blend. The seat based is made from a similar earth blend, in which luffa fibres are used as reinforcement material to control shrinkage and provide flexibility. The cushion, crafted from the outer surface of luffa fruit, was turned inside-out to use its smoother surface, offering enhanced comfort. The cushion was affixed to the seat when the latter was still damp, after which it was dried thoroughly

The project was carried out by master’s students Justin Wan, Paul Edward Liu, and Tim Ting-Hao Chen.

Photos: Justin Wan