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Biobased vinyl records

UK-based company Evolution Music developed a plant-based alternative to synthetic vinyl records.

Generally, vinyl records are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a petroleum-based thermoplastic. PVC is used in many industries, not just music. Global production of records does account to around 30,000 tonnes of PVC per year, which isn’t that much compared to other industries, like construction, but every little bit helps. Called Evovinyl, the new material of Evolution Music aims to create bioplastic LPs. The material is based on sugarcane.

The process of manufacturing the plant-based LPs is the same as that of PVC LPs. The production temperature is lower, however, which can lead to 15 per cent energy savings. In addition, it takes 50 per cent less time to press a record.

Trimmings from the material can be recycled into new LPs. Evovinyl is industrially compostable.

Photos: Evolution Music / Professional Monitor Company (PMC)