A yoga centre made of bamboo and copper

Designed by IBUKU, the Alchemy Yoga Center, located on Bali, Indonesia, has a bamboo structure and is clad with hand-made copper shingles.

The centre includes two yoga shalas, two bathroom buildings, a shop and a reception, and various outdoor areas. The two yoga shalas are built around the concepts of Tilem (new moon in Balinese), and Purnama (full moon). Both shalas are clad in hand-made copper shingles.

The Tilem Shala features a black petung bamboo structure, which holds up a red ceiling and a roof that dips down to the dark ulin wood floor. The black bamboo arches rise up from dark gray stones and arc in a synclastic dome structure.

The Purnama Shala features a blonde petung bamboo structure and a natural mud floor and walls. The natural mud floor is created using a mixture of limestone, various soils, and clay. It uses no cement. The bamboo arches frame five ribbons of anticlastic gridshell roofs.

Photos: IBUKU