Acoustic divider system made from locally sourced materials

PLECTERE, designed by Dutch designer Petra Vonk, is a series of acoustic divider systems made from locally sourced wool felt and ash wood.

Acoustics are important, especially for a heathy work environment. Wool is a widely used material to achieve this, thanks to its excellent absorbing properties and warm look and feel. With PLECTERE, Vonk gives her own twist to this material by creating a 3D structure with a repetitive pattern.

The works consist of wool felt strips that have been woven in a braid-like fashion, creating semi-transparent systems that can be used as partition wall or room divider without sealing off the room.

“Nowadays we ask a lot of our employees, and this calls for a pleasant and efficient work environment,” Vonk says. “Acoustics and ambiance play an important part in this. PLECTERE introduces texture and warmth to office spaces, dampens sounds through its excellent acoustic properties and contributes to better employee focus and concentration.”

The industrial felt is 100 per cent biobased and locally sourced. Each knit is made by hand in the Amsterdam area, as well as the ash wooden frames.

Thanks to the material’s flexibility, is can be used as room divider attached to a frame, as well as in tube-form, for instance as an acoustic light shade.

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Photos: Petra Vonk