Acoustic Textile


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Made of 100% wool, this acoustic textile is not only sound absorbing, but also brings tactility, colour and visual separation to spaces. Typical applications include its use on interior walls, ceilings, room dividers and floors.

Reducing annoying noises and reverberation, it absorbs significant DBs per room. Combined with Akothern D20, it performs to 50mm NRC = 0.75, aw = 0.75., measured according to EN354: 2003.

Naturally fire resistant, this textile is available in Ecru, Mint and Gold colours with the possibility for custom colours also.

About the creator:

Dutch textile designer Petra Vonk opened her design studio in Amsterdam after graduating from the Eindhoven Design Academy in 1990. Her work is characterised by a marriage of craft and technology, and a questioning of the boundaries between tradition and innovation.

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