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These carpets are made for heavy use but have the comfortable look and feel of textile. The warp material is paper yarn (100%), the weft material is PVC bands (100% PVC).The hard wearing carpet is specially developed for retail, hospitality and residential projects.

The two available colors are shown here. For bigger projects, the carpet can be customized in various color combinations.

The IDUN carpet is hand woven on manual looms in the studio of Beck Textiles, Denmark. For each carpet, the loom is prepared, which invites the customization to the specific circumstances framed by each client. Often developed for retail, hotels and public buildings, the works of Beck Textiles are always executed specifically for the unique circumstances framed by each client. The design process spans from the conceptual phase, often made in close collaboration with architects, to tender construction, production and installation of the final product. All products, whether they are tactile interior surfaces or artistic, outdoor installations, are exclusively developed, either by hand in the studio in Denmark, or in close collaboration with manufacturers.

Available sizes: max. width is 300 cm. and the length to order.

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