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This “supergrass” like material is specially made for exclusive retail projects by textile designer Annemette Beck. The warp material is a 100% paper yarn while the weft material (fringes) is made of coated polyester (94% polyurethane & 6% polyester).

The carpet has been made in black as well as other colours with the coated polyester yarn being available in 25 colors.

FEKE carpet is hand woven in Nepal and can be customized to the client. In terms of dimensions, the maximum width is 300 cm and the length made to order.

Beck Textiles is internationally acknowledged for bringing textiles to an architectural scale. This closely relates the technical and aesthetic qualities of the works to the site; providing solutions for technical demands such as acoustics, light and spatial movement. Further, the textiles are designed with attention to the overall, atmospheric experience of space.

All products, whether they are tactile interior surfaces or artistic, outdoor installations, are exclusively developed, either by hand in the studio in Denmark, or in close collaboration with manufacturers.


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