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Poraver is a lightweight aggregate that is manufactured from post-consumer recycled glass. In a special procedure, broken glass is finely crushed and expanded to form spherical granules. Poraver offers a very low weight at high compressive strength, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties and chemical resistance. In addition, this material is non-flammable, weather-resistant, offers no habitat for bacteria and prevents danger of silicosis thanks to its amorphous glass structure.

Widely used within the construction and chemical industries, Poraver serves as a lightweight aggregate in a broad spectrum of products including: drymortar and construction chemical products , lightweight concrete, acoustic/heating/cooling panel systems, fire resistant boards, stone/veneer sidings as well as plasters and stuccos.

Made from recycled glass, Poraver uses only those glass fractions which the glass industry cannot use for the production of bottles and glasses. Precise particle size distributions and a quality free of broken granules support a clean formulation structure. Certified according to ISO 9001, Poraver is available in 9 different granularities from 0.04 to 16 mm.

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