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Crackle glass


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- story by MaterialDistrict

This glass material resembles cracked ice that is melted onto a panel. By using different fusing and laminating techniques the manufacturer created the three layered and one inch thick low-iron glass and mirrored panels.

There are two types of glass are available: Clear and Low Iron. The glass surfaces have a Crackle pattern with the option to have a frosted effect applied to back side of centre panel.

The available colour finishes are Lucent, Metallic and Gemstone while the tint possibilities include 6 mm thickness in green, blue, aqua, bronze and grey. Grey and bronze tints are available in this material’s 10 mm version while the 12 mm version is only available in bronze.

The panels, laminated with a polyurethane resin, are available in large sizes and safety glass form. The standard sheets sizes are 305 x 305 mm up to 1220 x 1220 mm (1’0 x 1’0 up to 4’0 x 4’0).

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