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Comfortemp is the brand name for this intelligent non-woven, into which mPCM material has been integrated. It interactively reacts to changing body or outside temperatures. Depending on the individual situation or activity level excess body heat is absorbed and restored until it is needed again.

The effect is based on millions of mPCM micro capsules: as soon as the body produces too much heat, the solid PCM will turn liquid and in doing so will absorb the heat, thus causing a cooling effect. Once the temperature drops again, the liquid mPCM will return to its solid state and release the stored heat back to the body. As the micro capsules are not subject to wear, their temperature control effect will be maintained over long periods of time. The material can contain varying amounts of PCM, depending on the application and the individual requirements.

The non-woven textile materials are made from high quality fibres and are breathable and lightweight. For winter applications, insulation features are added which improve the cold protection already provided by the PCM.

Usage for this material is in the textile industry only.

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