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Rubitherm Technologies manufactures encased Phase Change Materials (PCMs) with a high energy density for heating, cooling, thermo-sensitive transports, medical/therapeutic applications as well as food storage applictions. Operating like rechargable batteries, these materials use the solid/liquid phase change to store and then release large quantities of energy at constant temperatures.

Phase Change Materials (PCM’s) exploit the material phase change from solid to liquid or vice versa for storage and subsequent use of heat or cold at constant working temperatures. In many ways, PCMs are like rechargeable batteries, but for thermal energy. Because Rubitherm’s PCM materials are bound – or encased – within fibres, grains, powders or panels, they are usable in many every day systems. The many possible applications of Rubitherm PCM’s include improving the temperature retention of food during the time period between food preparation and delivery to the customer. Rubitherm also focuses on the development of its materials for use in building climate control. One of Rubitherm’s flagship projects is the storage tower in the tropical green house in the Botanical Garden Berlin. During the day, solar heat from the roof is stored in a metal CSM panel filled with Rubitherm’s PCM. At night, this heat is released into the greenhouse area, resulting in considerable energy, CO2 and cost savings.

Rubitherm’s patented mechanism ensures that the PCM, when in liquid form does not leak out of the granulate or encasing material. The result is that the bound and encased PCM is always a ‘dry’ solid product, thus eliminating the need for liquid handling. As a result, large quantities of thermal energy can be stored and released at relatively constant temperatures without any volume changes – even when limited volumes and low operating temperature differences are applicable.

Applications of Rubitherm’s bound PCMs are unlimited as the development and modification of PCM material by Rubitherm can be adjusted according to customer requirement.

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