Acoustic Wall in the Netherlands for the first time

Distortion II, the Danish acoustic wall is called. It will be shown at the Materia Xpert Series on 5 april in Amsterdam. The product is the result of a cooperation between design and science and combines a highly aesthetical look with absorption of sound.

“Materials are getting smoother and more rigid,” Els Zijlstra, Creative Director of Materia explains. “This influences sound and our experience of spaces and buildings. Architects are more and more looking for materials that filter, absorb or mute sounds. In this Distortion II is the newest development, and we are proud that we are the first to show this innovation in the Netherlands”, Zijlstra says.

Acoustic subspaces
Distortion II demonstrates how geometrics and materials of a surface can alter sounds in various ways, thereby creating acoustic subspaces within a space. The wall has been developed two explore two acoustic extremes: it creates a sound absorbing and a sound reinforcing zone.

The wall consists of fibrefloat, a sound absorbing material that is made of recycled PET and can be laminated with all kinds of textiles. The material is cut to size with CNC cutting machines. In this way surfaces are created with various shapes and colours.