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Adjustable bamboo façade fronts

Architectural agency KM Architecture Office designed a villa in Vietnam with adjustable bamboo shutters in the façade.

Called Long Thanh Villa, the building is located in Long Thanh, Đong Nai, in Vietnam. It is situated in an existing garden with numerous green trees. Therefore, the proportion of the structure’s form and the construction area had to be carefully calculated to harmonise with the landscape.

The structural composition was kept simple. The lower and upper storey each resemble a rectangular box, which are slid on top of each other. Thanks to this block-shaped structure, the design creates buffer zones, such as corridors, spacious verandas, and shaded roofs. The bedroom, kitchen and living room feature large glass doors, from floor to ceiling.

In the façade, a system of rotating frames made of bamboo was installed. Bamboo is a material closely associated with the local culture, reminiscent of the bamboo wall imagery and bamboo rafters familiar in Vietnamese homes. The fronts can be adjusted for shade or privacy.

At the rear of the house, the yard area is provided with a bamboo trellis.

Photos: Hiroyuki Oki