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Clothing dyed with waste almond shells

Innovative clothing company Vollebak designed a range of “chilout gear” dyed with waste almond shells.

Textile dye is one of the most polluting parts of the fashion industry. Brands have been experimenting with various, less polluting ways to dye, such as with dye made by bacteria or made of natural materials. Almond shells are Vollebak’s choice.

The almond shells are a waste product from the almond industry. Every year millions of tonnes of almond shells are left to rot or set on fire to get rid of them. California alone generates 800,000 tonnes of them each year.

Every piece is garment dyed in a giant bath of almond shell dye. It takes about 450 grams of pigment to dye a single piece of clothing, which comes down to about 150 individual shells.

The garments have a brownish hue, similar to that of ground almonds. The collection consists of “ultrasoft chillout gear”, which includes a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a hoodie, and long and short sweatpants, made of a mix of cotton and recycled polyester.

Photos: Vollebak