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An e-bike made of bamboo

E-bike company Diodra developed what they claim is the world lightest e-bike, which features a bamboo frame.

The e-bike weighs up to 15kg, which is in part possible thanks to the bamboo frame. The frame is just as strong as a steel or aluminium frame, but much lighter. In addition, bamboo has has great vibration absorption characteristics, resulting in a comfortable ride. Diodra says their manufacturing process maximises strength in the frame while keeping weight low. Bamboo’s natural density allows for high-strength joints, ensuring safety. The bamboo is coated with a two-component coating to protect it against water and weather.

In addition to bamboo, the lightness of the bike is also because the design is minimalistic. It comes at a cost, though, because accessories like lights, mudguard, and bicycle stand are not included.

The speed of the bike can be tuned with an app, and the battery takes 3.5 hour to charge. The bikes are designed and built in Europe.