An office lamp made of hemp

In collaboration with Swedish lighting manufacturer Ateljé Lyktan, Norwegian design studio Snøhetta developed an office lamp made of hemp and sugarcane bioplastic.

Called Superdupertube, the design of the lamp is a contemporary makeover of Ateljé Lyktan’s 1970s Supertube. The objective of the project was to explore materials for a locally sourced solution with a smaller ecological footprint usable in production. Hemp turned out to be the best choice, thanks to its robust fibres and minimal environmental impact. Using this material reduces CO2 emissions of the lamp by 50 per cent compared to traditional aluminium variants.

The hemp is mixed with Polylactic Acid (PLA) based on sugarcane. The biopolymer is said to be industrially compostable and uses no fossil fuels. The lamp is coloured using hemp only, which gives a varying shade for each lamp. The colour also gives the light a warmer tone.

The Superdupertube is made using extrusion, using an existing process. The choice of extrusion as a production method pays homage to the original Supertube’s innovation with aluminum extrusion. Various techniques are employed in crafting the Superdupertube, with features like the louver and side covers being injection moulded.

The lamp is designed in such a way it is easily assembled and disassembled, without glue and with minimal screw use. This also makes it possible to replace parts and update lighting technology in the future.

The lamp is available in four lengths.

Photos: Jonas Lindström / ateljé Lyktan