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A beehive made of recycled milk jugs

In response to the growing trend of backyard beekeeping, US-based Loll Designs and Lake Superior Honey Company designed a sleek table-top beehive, made of HDPE, sourced primarily from milk jugs.

Residential beekeeping is growing in popularity, with the rate of beginner beekeeping more than doubling in the last decade. To make it easier to keep bees in one’s backyard, Lake Superior Honey Company came with the idea of a table-top horizontal beehive.

Loll’s products are made of recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE). As a source, they use mainly milk jugs, because of their lack of pigment so that Loll can add their own colours. As this is thought to be the first beehive made of HDPE, Loll had to do extensive testing, adding intuitive ventilation, a lockable flat roof, tall legs for better ergonomics for the keeper, and a sturdy box for standard size internal wood frames.

The beehive comes fully assembled, though the package does not include wooden frames, nor bees…

Photos: Loll Designs