Made from a Sugru-like material, Bendt is a malleable interior object designed by Mart Marcus. When heated, Bendt can be formed and re-formed limitless numbers of times.

To use Bendt, place it on a flat surface with plenty of room to move around. Insert the plug into a wall socket. The surface will feel warm after a short period of time. Once Bendt is soft and bendable, you can remove the plug from the socket. Bendt can be now be molded using your hands, body or other objects. Make sure your body or object stays in the molded form until it has cooled and becomes hard. Bendt is now a custom part of your interior. To change Bendt, simply plug it back into the wall to regain malleability, at which point it can be completely reshaped again. This process can be repeated as often as you wish.

The flexbility and malleability of Bendt offers a new view of personal interior objects and unlimited possibilities to create interior objects that never existed before.


  1. Autumn Godwin says:

    this is one of those times where i’m looking at my screen while awkwardly going “oooooooooo!”