Biocycle, technocycle and performative materials at MaterialDistrict Rotterdam

During MaterialDistrict Rotterdam, we show you all the materials we have scouted in the past year. This year’s materials can be divided into three categories: the bio cycle, the technocycle and performative materials.

Organic materials, such as coffee, plant fibres, chitin, wood, and bamboo grow, exist and decompose in the ecosystem by means of biological processes. In a circular society, material consumption should be a circular process in which renewable resources and waste streams are used for new bio-based materials. In such a society, bio-based materials are also reused, repaired, recycled, and remanufactured. The materials on display are great examples of that; made of renewable sources or waste streams you’d never expect!

Technical materials, such as plastics, metals, concrete and glass are finite and cannot be renewed. In the techno cycle, it is important that the finite stock of materials is properly managed. ‘Using’ materials replaces the ‘consumption’. By focusing on value retention, materials are recovered from residual streams after use. These materials on display are all recycled and show you that this is possible in many ways!

Performative materials
It insulates, is acoustic, it generates heat or is super lightweight. These materials are the latest materials that MaterialDistrict published on the website and are selected for their special performative skills.

Today is your last day to visit MaterialDistrict Rotterdam before you have to wait a full year, so join us in Rotterdam! Get your free ticket here.