Fabulous nature-inspired fabrics at MaterialDistrict Rotterdam!

Designers Aliki van der Kruijs and Anna Badur both used nature as a source for inspiration for their fabrics, one by capturing the experience of rain and the other by using natural forces to draw on textile.

Van der Kruijs’s project started with the question how to capture the experience of rain. For this she developed her own technique called pluviagraphy, to capture raindrops in ink. This makes a collection of unique textiles that are 100% silk, handmade and customised with time, location and mm rainfall.

Badur’s experimental textiles are drawn by natural forces.  In the context of north-western Germany, water and wind have a dominant effect both on the landscape and on the human condition. The project Drawn by Nature is an exploration of the aesthetic potential of these forces.

The textile is made by blue pigments that are blown over wet fabric, resulting in unique patterns. Badur embraces the uncontrollable, only taming the process enough to capture an imprint. In this way, the end result is directly determined by the process.

MaterialDistrict Rotterdam
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