Amazing glass projects at MaterialDistrict Rotterdam 2019

Designers Dané Vonk and Kim Zoutewelle both created intriguing glass projects, one to twist your view of the world and one inspired by the ocean.

Vonk’s project, A Twisted View, consists of deformed sheets of glass, with bumps and patterns. “These windows change your view of the world,” Vonk says. “You might see double, get surprised by strange reflections, or an unexpected haze. By melting subtle patterns, the glass is transforming life outside into a puzzling panorama. Inspired by the transformative quality of waterdrops, lenses or funhouse mirrors, A Twisted View shows the beauty of distortion.

Zoutewelle’s Underwater Illusions were inspired by the vibrant colours and patterns of the ocean. Zoutewelle created refined, multi-layered textures on glass that seem to start moving when you walk by. The colours are screen printed colourful layered patterns on both sides of glass plates, after which glass poles are melted into the surface, appearing to be ripples on water. “ At every angle, a unique and different image is born,” Zoutewelle comments. “These poetic and storytelling glass panels will lift up public spaces.”

MaterialDistrict Rotterdam
Want to see these projects for yourself? Visit MaterialDistrict Rotterdam, 12-14 March in Rotterdam Ahoy, the Netherlands! Get your free ticket here.

Photos: Kim Zoutewelle / Nicole Marnati