Chaud side tables are made with recycled paper and stone dust

The Chaud side table series, designed by Belgian designer Charlotte Jonckheer are made from a composite material, consisting of waste paper and stone dust, and natural stone.

The design of the tables started with Jockheer’s desire to make a material that has outdoor aesthetics, but is also warm to the touch.

The composite material consists of a combination of waste paper, gathered at the local print shop, and stone dust. The material, which, like the tables, is called Chaud, is handmade by pressing recycled paper pulp together with stone dust. Even if the paper was printed before use, the combination with the stone dust gives it a neutral colour. After pressing, the paper composite is still wet and can be shaped. One dried, the material has a stone-like aesthetic and a dappled texture.

The architectural inspired tables consist of a tabletop and a horseshoe-shaped stand made from the natural stone Beige dei Medici, and a curved body, which is made of Chaud. The weight of the stone slab provides the table with its stability.

The handmade nature of Chaud and the natural stone give each table a unique look. “The design of the Chaud side table series is defined by strong graphical lines to allow a game of shadows, created by the movement of daylight, over the tactile surfaces,” Jonckheer says.

The Beige dei Medici stone is provided by Belgian natural stone company Hullebusch.

Photos: Charlotte Jonckheer