Washable handmade luggage made from natural latex

Melbourne-based designer Molly Younger created a line of luggage, consisting of six bags and two wallets, all handmade from natural latex.

Natural latex, which comes from the Brazilian rubber tree, is a waterproof, strain resistant and easy-to-care-for material.

To make the bags, a mixture of 80 per cent latex and 20 per cent paint is cast in a heavy plaster mould. The layers are slowly built up, with a drying time between each layer, a very labour intensive process. The bags are cast in one piece, creating seamless luggage.

The mould leaves a texture on each of the rubbery bags, each unique with its own irregularities. The result is wearable, washable and durable luggage.

The collection consists of six bags and two wallets. Three bags, the duffer, pot bag, and the bubbled tote, which looks like partially popped bubble wrap, are available in a selection of colours. The rest of the bags and the wallets feature prints by photographer Jack Younger. The design of the Lunch Bag is based on that of a paper bag.

All bags feature straps reinforced with cotton tape for strength and resilience. The wallets are lined with 100 per cent wool felt and have zip closures.

The latex luggage collection, called “Range 1 – Early Sculptural Forms“ is the first commercial product line by Younger.

Photos: Molly Younger