Clothing dyed with minerals from prehistory

Innovative clothing company Vollebak designed a range of clothing that have been dyed in minerals, rocks and sediments that were formed during prehistory.

The collection consists of three T-shirts, three sweatshirts and three types of sweatpants. They are all dyed with minerals, rocks, and sediments that were formed billions of years ago.

One of the T-shirts is dyed with the 3 billion-year-old mineral Hematite, which is what cavemen used to paint their caves. The light grey pieces are all dyed in giant baths of volcanic soil. The yellow sweatshirt and sweatpants are made with early man’s favourite colouring tool, ochre, which was used to draw the first known picture. Finally, the blue-green gear is made with a mineral called celadonite which Earth has been making for the last few billion years every time hot lava drips into cold sea water.

Photos: Vollebak