Concrete Cabin?

Concrete or Wood? Despite the wood grain texture and rounded log forms, this tiny cabin by Nickisch Sano Walder Architekten was made almost entirely from concrete.

Replacing a previously existing log barn, planner requirements dictated that this new cabin should not only restrict itself to the mass and footprint of the previously existing barn, but should also retain ‘the character of the persisting cabin.’

In order to achieve this, the architects took the logs from the old barn that stood on the site before, and used them as formwork for the walls of the new cabin. In essence, the architects created a fossilized – yet very modern – version of the previously existing barn by preserving its texture and materiality.

Only 40 square meters in size, this romantic hideaway can be found in Graubünden, Switzerland.


  1. Autumn Godwin says:

    love it.