Concrete curtain

Always irritated by those curtains blown trough an open door? Now there is a solution for that. Memux architectural design from Vienna made curtains out of concrete elements, gathered on a flexible mesh of geo-textile. The curtains can be used as sun shade, wind screen or façade element.

The unusual employment of concrete lends this object, which is nevertheless fit for everyday use. Its extraordinary presence, the apparent contrast between materiality and variability has been translated into a piece of textile architecture.

The colour and form of the concrete cushions are adaptable to the respective function.
The concrete curtain may be installed indoors and outdoors. It serves as a sun- and windscreen, privacy screen, façade element, or heat-accumulating room partition. The texture of individual elements attached to a textile carrier material is reminiscent of a quilt and holds visual surprises on both sides. Here concrete has been given a soft, poetic character, which is increased through the refracted light, its sluggish movement in the wind, and the sounds resulting from it.