Connect: a chair 3D printed by hand

Drawing a chair might sound easy enough, as long as it’s on paper, but have you ever considered drawing one in 3D? Designer Jungsub Shim did just that, using a 3D printing pen called 3Doodler to draw a chair, dubbed Connect, that is not only impressive to look at, but can actually be used to sit on.

The 3D printing pen extrudes melted plastic filament that solidifies in the air, enabling the artist to draw mid-air. The Connect chair consists of individual lines, created by the pen, which are interconnected to give the chair its bearing strength (and also its name). As the photo demonstrates, the chair can bear the weight of a human like any chair should.

Connect visualises in detail the figure of modern people living with connections, as well as showing the effect of coincidence when each connection creates a structure with more complexity and variations, according to Shim.

Shim worked on the chair for two months, eight hours per day, mimicking the automation of a machine, until the chair was strong enough to support a person’s weight. The chair was made for a woodworking and furniture design course at Hongik University in Seoul.

Photos via Dezeen