Create Your Own Moss Graffiti

An eco-friendly form of graffiti is currently going viral. Moss graffiti not only creates dramatic effects, but is also an environmentally friendly form of street art as it does not require the use of aerosols. To make your own living art work, you only need a paint brush and a few basic materials:

500 mL buttermilk (or non-flavoured yogurt)
500 mL water (or beer)
2.5 mL sugar
Corn syrup (as needed)
A blender

The first step is to gather moss from your surrounding environment. The type of moss that grows on pavements, rocks, drain pipes, and bricks is ideal whereas moss growing on wood is less ideal. (Note that if moss doesn’t grow in your environment, this form of graffiti is not as likely to succeed).

The next step is to wash to the moss and carefully clean away as much of the soil as possible. Break the moss down into small pieces and add them to your blender along with the buttermilk (or yogurt) and water (or beer). Blend the mixture until it is smooth and has a drip-like consistency. Add corn syrup as required to reach the desired consistency. Pour the mixture into a plastic bucket and head outdoors.

Using a paintbrush, paint the mixture onto any surface where you wish for moss to grow. To encourage the design to grow you can spray the design periodically with water or add more moss-paint as required until you design flourishes!

You can watch this living art form in action here.

Source: wikihow and Anna Garforth.


  1. Pieter Reus says:

    What a beautiful way to tell the world your message.