David Oakey at Material Xperience 2014

Material Xperience 2014 is dedicated to the theme of ‘The Smart Environment’. A key focus in this highly topical theme is thinking intelligently about our environment. This includes learning not only from out designed and built environment, but from nature too.

Biomimicry is the application of design-principles from nature, and there are few designers with as much experience in this as David Oakey. His connection with the theme started in the 1990’s, and it is no exaggeration to say that the prominence of biomimicry in design practice is, in part, due to his determined work.

In some ways similar to the work of Michael Pawlyn, who also speaks on the 22nd, Oakey’s design work shows a passion for the way lessons from nature can influence design, business and education. Whether this is looking at the structure of termite mounds for construction efficiency, or shaping the noses of trains according to the design of bird beaks, nature can be a huge inspiration for design.

More than just sustainable design, biomimicry includes using materials efficiently, implementing smart products and reducing waste throughout the process. The general question that the designer faces in such a wide-ranging and responsible view is ‘how will design impact the world during as well as after its life-cycle’.

Oakey will talk about his work as a designer from this perspective at Material Xperience 2014. The presentation will include examples of the designer’s work and his design philosophy.

David Oakey is an American designer who was educated in the UK. His office, David Oakey Designs, was founded in 1985 and he has since won many awards for work with Nike, Ford, Boeing and others.

The presentation will be held on January 22nd at Material Xperience in Rotterdam. To find out more please see the programme.

David Oakey’s presentation is made possible by Interface.