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DIY: How to Make a Mosaic From a DVD

Most of us have a good number of old DVDs, and CD’s lying around that we’ve probably thought of getting rid of. Happy Houligans have an interesting upcycling idea for these unwanted discs: making a DVD,or CD, tile mosaic. All you require is a hair dyer, sharp scissors, butter knife and some unwanted DVDS or CDs. (DVDs are preferable in the sense that they are more colourful!)

To begin, heat the DVDwith a hairdryer, carefully holding the edges as it will become very hot. Once hot, the label can be easily pulled away from the remaining disc, using a butter knife to help. After this, the remaining metallic material can be cut into small pieces, which you can then glue/cement onto any surface you wish. Like a DVD itself, the colour of your mosaic will change based upon how the light hits the mosaic pieces.

A great way of upcycling around the house!

Check out Happy Houligans and the full DIY here.