Print All Over Me

Print All Over Me (PAOM for short) is an innovative online community allowing users to upload digital designs that are printed on the designer’s choice of apparel (or other item) and sold on the website. Mixing creativity with an entrepreneurial spirit, the designer gets a portion of the profit for each custom-printed object sold via the site. Anybody with access to the internet can join the community and become a potentially commercial digital designer.

This is the first step in PAOM’s ultimate plan to allow anyone to create algorithmic or software driven designs that users can interact with to create their own patterns for clothing.

The site is set up as a forum where users can ‘like’ their favourite designs and start conversations. POAM fosters certain themes and conversations by selecting popular designers from the site to create special collections.

For their most recent collection, PAOM collaborated with The Processing Foundation to feature the digital works of Lia, one of the pioneers of net art, and the art and technology studio, Sosolimited. These artists created interactive processing pieces, allowing users to interact with the technology and create generative artwork printed on select PAOM apparel. 30% of all sales will go to the Processing Foundation.

The Processing Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded in 2012 with the two-fold mission to promote software literacy within the visual arts, and visual literacy within technology-related fields. Their primary goal is to empower people of all interests and backgrounds to learn how to program, so as to facilitate a sophisticated way of thinking about and creating media at a time when such knowledge is crucial.