Electricity-generating and CO2-absorbing bio-panels

Mexican start-up Greenfluidics developed a solar bio-panel that integrates CO2 capturing, the production of oxygen, and the production of energy through the use of micro-algae.

Photosynthesis is a natural process by which plants and algae produce energy, organic matter and oxygen using sunlight and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This process is what powers the bio-panels. Greenfluidics says that the algae mitigate from 200 kg CO2 per year.

The algae in the semi-transparent green panel are combined with nanofluids, which take solar radiation and absorb high temperatures, creating energy. The triangular design can be installed on any type of structure.

Each bio-panel is said to be able to generate up to 328 KWh/m2 per year. In addition, due to the thermal comfort that it can provide to buildings, up to 90 KWh/m2 per year can be saved.

Images: Geenfluidics