Exhibition: Spa & Wellness

Rest, relaxation and pampering are essential qualities for spa and wellness environments. As are the sensory aspects of steam, water jets, hot baths even ice cold saunas. In addition, many people seek out these spa and wellness environments for the healing and health benefits that are often provided by special kinds of materials such as mineral-infused water or even the building materials themselves. 

Some materials to look for include Antimicrobial Copper MET193. Used in a number of applications including the lining of pools and hot tubs, this copper combines a rich, metallic finish with bacteria-killing properties. Super smooth and undulating Riverstone NST001 is another favourite. This beautiful composite material is made with marble and stone pebbles which are bound in a transparent or coloured resin.

And be sure not to miss the Himalayan salt brick used in the construction of traditional Korean saunas. Walls constructed with these salty, translucent bricks not only look great but are known to clean bacteria from the air, relieve allergies and asthma, soften the skin and reduce signs of aging.

Relax and feel well this autumn at the Materia Inspiration Centre in Amsterdam with some of the latest and most innovative materials in the Leisure & Hospitality sector.