Exhibition: Hotels, Restaurants & Bars

In the upcoming months, Materia will be featuring some of the most innovative materials and concepts in hotels, restaurants and bars. Whether you are in a trendy coffee house or a five-star hotel, materials and material inspiration take centre stage in the creation of these fabulous environments.

From new concepts such as eco-hotels to Michelin star restaurants that get back to the basics of traditional cooking, this is a dynamic sector that must continually keep up with trends and socio-demographic changes in society. From organic restaurants furnished with raw and natural materials to bars that feature luxury décor and engage sensory perception, this is an exciting area of materials and design with an emphasis on effect, atmosphere and concept.

A number of materials we’ve chosen to feature from our materials collection here include glamorous Eggshell inlay (ONA108) which consists of fragile shells from hatched duck eggs that have been set into lacquer, one of nature’s most durable products. And witness Sensacell (PLA055), an interactive sensor surface consisting of non-contact sensors and LED lighting that responds to and communicates with its surroundings.

Be sure to check out the exciting Prahan Hotel design in Australia by Techné Architects that features upcycled concrete culverts. Also, take a look at the simple, vinyl spun placemats that have been transformed into an elegant screen inside the London’s TeaSmith by Jonathan Clark Architects.