Eye of The Light@DDW

Currently on show at Dutch Design Week, ‘Eye of the Light’ by Malgorzata Mozolewska features series of luminous objects made from metal fabrics specially designed to reflect light in a dynamic way. The fabric can be modelled into various shapes, forming perfect textures for light to play with. While made of metal, the fabric nevertheless achieves an organic expresssion.

The front and back of her metal fabrics are different, with the glittering colours achieved through a process of steel galvanization. The lamp base is made of Statuario marble.

Mozolewska’s design interest focuses on ornament, and in particular its close relationship to form. Here, the form is inspired by nature, particularly the imagery of a fern. The metallic fabric achieves not only an organic, nature inspired form, but it also serves as ornament, with sparkles of light reflecting off its surface.

The ‘Eye of the Light’ project was made possible by ‘The Young Poland’ grant from the country’s Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

‘Eye of the Light’ will be on display at Dutch Design Week until October 25th, 2015 at the Klokgebouw.