VormVrij 3d: The Digital Potter

VormVrij 3d fuse the traditional craft of ceramics with the latest in 3d printing technology. The result is this series of evocative, complex ceramic shapes that push boundaries whilst maintaining the nostalgic look and feel of yesterday. These ceramics will be on display at Dutch Design Week 2015 until October 25th, 2015 at the Klokgebouw location in Eindhoven.

The potter’s wheel and slip casting technique offered pioneering perspectives in ancient times. This rich craft however has seen little technical innovation until recently with developments such as 3d clay printers able to fabricate digital ceramics. VormVrij is the only clay printer currently capable of controlled dual colour extrusion and comes in two forms: The Large LUTUM for professional artists and larger scale productions and the mini LUTUM for mid-range ceramics, prototyping, research and educational purposes.

You can watch some of the ceramics featured above being printed here.