Finite: a more sustainable alternative to concrete made from desert sand

Sand is worldwide in high demand and heavily used in many industries, especially construction. With deserts full of it, one can easily be fooled into thinking that sand is an almost infinite resource. However, desert sand has little use; the grains are too smooth and fine to bind together, so it is not suitable for the making of for instance concrete. The start-up Finite, founded by researchers from Imperial College London, created a material composite made with desert sand that serves as a more sustainable alternative to concrete.

The supply of construction-grade sand is dwindling worldwide. This type of sand is stripped from beaches and riverbeds, but because of the heavy use, the supply is diminishing rapidly. Desert sand, on the other hand, is plentiful. This sand is not used in construction, as its grains are too smooth and fine to bind together for building materials.

The newly developed composite makes use of desert sand and “other abundant fine powders that traditionally have no use”. According to the inventors, Finite can be turned into structures that have the same strength as housing bricks and residential concrete.

The material is more environmentally friendly than concrete, with a concrete footprint that is less than half that of concrete. Unlike concrete, which must be either downcycled or sent to the landfill at the end of its life, the new material can easily be reused as it can be remoulded for multiple lifecycle uses. The material can be coloured using natural dyes.

Finite can be used in desert areas, made with local sand rather than imported concrete. For now, the material is only suitable for temporary constructions, after which the material can be reused or left to decompose. For permanent structures, the material still has to pass rounds of testing and regulations.

The team is currently developing Finite to bring it to market.

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Photos: Finite


  1. Jurgen Giess says:

    I am in the process of researching an alternative material for a building and construction board manufactured for the past 40 years from timber, particle- and or strand board. Some 5 years ago, while searching for a cheaper alternative, I became aware of the drastic depletion of beach sand and the unsuitability of desert sand for the making of concrete,.
    While travelling through Dubai, I obtained a quantity of desert sand and quickly relised, that due to it’s natural “liquidity”, it would be an ideal material for our purposes, provided it could be successfully bonded/cured in a mould (or extruded) with a fast setting resin or RF heating. Chopped fiberglass strands (or carbon- or aramid- fibers) would need to be included in the mix to impart stiffness and prevent long term bending deflection under load.
    Our Year 1 production of a ‘Finite’ type product would be 650,000 linm of 150x50mm wall components and double that quantity for year 2.
    I would like to communicate with you about this and would appreciate your contact detail.

    Jurgen Giess,
    New Zealand

  2. Sigrid says:

    Dear Jurgen,

    Thank you for your comment. The link to the material is no longer working so we are not sure the project is still happening. We have contacted the co-founder, but as of yet we have had no reply.

    Good luck with your project!

    On behalf of Team MaterialDistrict,