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First Biobased Bistro Chair

From New Zealand comes Revology, the first composite bistro chair made out of flax fibre tubes and biobased materials. It will debut next month at the JEC World 2016 Exhibition (8-10 March at Paris Nord Villepinte, France).

Combining sustainable materials with innovative composite processing techniques, Revology CEO Alex Guichard says ‘ The DNA of Revology lies in highlighting a natural, raw material, rarely used in designer creations because of the difficulties in processing it.’

Why a bistro chair?

Known for strength, versatility and lightweight properties, composite materials are already used widely within the aerospace and luxury sectors. They are however often seen as too technical or inaccessible for everyday objects, such as the bistro chair. Revology hope to shatter this perception, making innovative biobased composites accessible to the general public in the form of high-quality, every day products that are reasonably affordable.

“The bistro chair is a masterpiece of design that has embodied the douceur de vivre for over 150 years. An object that is avant-garde due to both its design and use of flax fibre, our concept chair is a new step forward in the history of the bistro chair,” said Mr Guichard.

The award winning Revology is a design-tech start-up company that was created in 2014 in New Zealand with the aim of developing timeless design objects and furniture that combine innovative materials with the latest processing technologies.


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