Europe’s first commercial 3D printed concrete building

Europe’s first commercial 3D printed concrete building will be located in Teuge, a town in the Netherlands.

The building, with a size of 100 square metres, will have a round shape. It consists of large separate rounded concrete panels, each of them differently shaped. Depending on the viewing angle, the building appears to be close or open, and the panels seem to rotate like the blades of a turbine. This design couldn’t have been realised using traditional building techniques. Additionally, compared with traditional building methods, 3D printing generates 40% less CO₂ and 70% less waste.

De Vergaderfabriek, as the new building will be called, is not an experiment and will be put into use. It will offer space to hold meetings and to train. The aim of the project is to prove that 3D printing buildings is technically and economically sensible.

The project is being realised by Centre4Moods, De Slaapfabriek, The Form FoundationWitteveen+BosCyBe, Elma Media and Lexence Advocaten. The building was designed by architect Pim van Wylick. On 2 October, the team received an environmental permit, so that the construction can begin. The structure will be printed on site in ten days.

Images: The Form Foundation