Archi Folds textiles help improve theatre’s acoustic

Studio Samira Boon was commissioned to create a site-specific installation of Archi Folds, a series of 3D textiles inspired by origami, for the main concert hall of Theatres Tilburg.

Archi Folds are a series of textile structures inspired by Japanese origami techniques. The traditional paper folding is translated into digital weaving techniques. The resulting 3D fabric can be used for architectural and acoustic purposes. The structures can be folded and unfolded into different shapes, offering the possibility for two identical textiles to be installed in various manners.

The textiles are the result of a collaboration with TextileLab / Textile Museum Tilburg and Prof. T. Tachi from the University of Tokyo.

“Archi Folds can be seen as a next step in creating a more flexible architecture,” the studio explains. “Archi Folds creates a dynamic and flexible environment, a so-called ‘open infrastructure’ as well as an eye-catcher representing the cultural programme of the theatre.”

The installation for Theatres Tilburg does just that. It is able to transform the large, main concert hall into an intimate space suitable for smaller concerts and gatherings. The design was made to complement the architecture by Jo Coenen and to interact with the light artwork by Peter Struyken. The result is ever-changing configurations and colour effects.

This was not the first time the Archi Folds were applied at Theatres Tilburg. In 2016, Archi Folds was already installed in the Audax Zaal of the theatre, and in 2013 the large-scale, flexible artwork and space divider Growing Caterpillar was installed in the main concert hall in collaboration with NEXT architects.

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Photos: Studio Samira Boon / Photography: Ruimtes in Beeld