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Flavor Paper: Scratch-N-Sniff Wallpapers

Based in Brooklyn, Flavor Paper create digital and hand-screened wallpapers that smell as cool as they look with scratch-n-sniff varieties that come with either a cherry of banana scent.

The children’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory delighted audiences back in 1964 with delightful concepts such as a lickable wallpaper that tastes like plums or chocolate. Today, Flavor Paper’s Warhol-esque prints bring these fantasies a bit closer to reality. To obtain their scratch-n-sniff properties, these wallpapers include micro-encapsulated fragrance oils within a waterbased slurry that contains an adhesive. When you scratch the surface of the  wallpaper, you actually pop the micro-capsules and release the fragrance oil.

Designed in collaboration with Michael Angelo of Wonderland Beauty Parlous, B-A-N-A-N-A-S! is a pop art homage to iconic screen printing with, of course, scratch-n-sniff properties. The original version features a transparent Cyan ink over chrome as a background, but it can be printed without the background screen and on standard backgrounds such as copper or white mylar.

Also designed in collaboration with Michael Angelo, Cherry Forever evokes a pop art classic feel with added cherry scratch-n-sniff fragrance and can be printed with a background screen to get a look like Yellow Chrome. It is also available on any other standard background.

But like a scratch-n-sniff sticker, there are a limited number of micro-capsules in these wallpapers, which will run out over time. However, there are millions if not billions of these micro-capsules in a large surface area such a wallpaper so it will take some time!.

Flavor Paper have developed a loyal following over the years. Their intensely colourful and creative wallpaper concepts can be seen in a number of high-end stylish projects ranging from the W Hotel near Wall Street to Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.