Flexible phone self-heals

A new smart-phone is made of a flexible polymer, so it can bend and warp without damaging itself. But that’s not the only great thing about the phone. Equally impressive is a less visible, but no less important aspect. The G-flex phone by the South Korean brand LG will be able to self-heal.

The phone is being released in LG’s native country this month, and expectations are high. Its rear is finished with a self-healing material, the specifics of which are being kept secret. The healing process is improved when the back is warmed, for example through friction.

LG has clearly banked on a new course, and invested in phones which will last much longer than usual, by being resistant to bending, warping, scratching and even bouncing. The phone makes use of a urethane-like polymer, similar to this material.

It is no surprise that the smart-phone industry has been leading the way in high-tech developments for years. The huge popularity has enabled manufacturers to spend huge resources on improvements and extra gadgetry to their products.

Because of the warped screen and self-healing properties, this phone could also be a prototype of the next generation of truly wearable computers. The developer adjusted the shape of the battery, to make it less susceptible to damage that can occur when bent.

The trend of incorporating huge amounts of technological know-how in tiny cases is revolutionising communications, and the way in which we live our lives. Each addition is carefully analysed and this flexible phone looks set to have a huge influence on the smart phone industry.


Watch a video of the flex phone here.

Image credits: LG.