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New biocomposite for complex designs

Continuing our series on co-creation, here’s a small-scale example. FluidSolids is a material innovation that has led to a product and a company, all started by a designer and a material innovator. The Swiss based initiative has developed a biobased composite material that can be used for various applications. Examples shown are a bar stool and some kitchenware bowls, but other possibilities include wall covering, larger furniture and paneling.

The FS stool is a design based on a rounded triangular shape. Light wooden legs, made of ash, contrast with the structure and the colour of the composite material. The stool is made using a new biopolymer material developed by FluidSolids. Interestingly, as a result of the clever use of material and manufacturing process, no glues, screws or other joint technologies were needed. The connection between the legs and the seat is made with an in-moulding process so the stool is produced and assembled as a whole and in one go.

A simpler design, the FS Bowl was an early sample product made using the FS material to show the range of colours and surface properties available. The shape also demonstrates the mixed appearance of the new material. Its hard creases and soft curves combine to give a result that is similar to wood, both visually and to the touch, but with a fluid form that is closer to what we consider to be standard polymer products.

The material used for these designs was developed to be suitable for the production of half-finished products. Parts can be moulded and extruded from the material in series. The composite material is especially noticeable for its striking surface finish and moulding accuracy, besides a adjustable physical qualities and durability. Other advantages given by the manufacturer are not immediately visible: production and processing require very little energy and this material is nontoxic and compostable.

More information: FluidSolids.


  1. kibera says:

    Great but in the true sense of sustainability and saving the world do we really need another stool ?