Free Hug Sofa

Free hug anyone? Designed by Lee Eun Kyong of South Korea, the Free Hug Sofa recently was an award winner at the A’Design Awards. Speaking to basic feelings and emotions, it shows how simple materials can give us every day comfort.

Made of a super soft sponge and plush fabrics, its long outstretched arms mimic those of a human. Lee Eun Kyonog explains:  “Because the sofa gives the feeling of being alive, it will hold you warm and soft like your mother, friend and a lover without feeling lonely. It will present the dream of innocent childhood by giving the feeling of the soft heart of mother or the arms of the doll wrapping around you in your childhood.”

But the design is intended as more than a feel good piece of furniture. Its form and softness are also intended to bring comfort to people suffering from ailments or physical needs.

The creation of the Free Hug Sofa was a two year process from its inception until completion of the final product.

Lee Eun Kyong lives and works in South Korea. Yuu can discover more about her works here.