Shylight: Materials Mimicking Flowers At Night

Nyctinasty is highly evolved natural mechanism whereby certain type of flowers close up at night for self-defense and also to conserve resource. This natural phenomenon inspired Shylight by Studio Drift, a light sculpture made of silk. Currently on show at Amsterdan’s Rijksmuseum, Shylight unfolds and retreats in fascinating ways that mirror the movement of real flowers.

According to its creators, Shylight is the result a question: how can an object mimic those changes that express character and emotion in a material way? This question required a five year research period to find an answer.

Shylight is made from many layers of silk kept apart by polished RVS and controlled by an iPhone or iPad directing how Shylight should open up in response to music or choreography.

Shylights fall an average of 9 meters, making it possible to choreograph compositions within high ceiling spaces. It unfolds by a system of springs, creating form upon its release. Gravity affords its flight down while a motor controls its upward movement.

Simply beautiful!