Office furniture made from Amsterdam canal plastic

Plastic waste is polluting the world’s waters more and more, and, with it, come all its consequences. Fortunately, some companies are working on cleaning up our mess. Plastic Whale, the world’s first professional plastic fishing company, teamed up with furniture manufacturer Vepa and design studio LAMA Concept to create a range of office furniture made from plastic fished from the Amsterdam canals. 

Together with thousands of Amsterdam residents, Plastic Whale fishes plastic from the canals. The social enterprise has previously built ten designer sloops made from recycled waste, now used for plastic fishing. Dutch furniture manufacturer Vepa is responsible for the technical development and production of the furniture range. LAMA Concept from Amsterdam designed the collection, for which circularity is key and the whale has served as a source of inspiration.

For the manufacturing of the furniture, the companies use PET bottles that have been fished out of Amsterdam’s canals. They also used steel waste from Vepa’s own factory for the cast-iron base of the chair.

The debut collection consists of a boardroom table, a chair, lamps and acoustic wall panels. Part of the sales proceeds will be invested in initiatives around the world that tackle plastic pollution. At the end of a product’s life cycle, Vepa will collect it from the consumer, who will then receive a refund of the product’s surcharge. The company will then disassemble the furniture so that individual parts can be reused or recycled.

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Photos: Plastic Whale Circular Furniture