Furniture made from terrazzo-like material made of ‘all of the forest’

Japanese designer Yuma Kano created a terrazzo-like material out of unusable wood, but also foliage, bark, soil and seeds as found in the forest.

Kano aims to reuse materials that are usually considered waste from the Japanese forest industry. Called Forestbank, the small pieces of wood unsuitable for other purposes, foliage, bark, seeds and soil are mixed with a water-based acrylic resin without reactive mineral bases or volatile organic solvents. The patterns vary depending on the angle and depth of the cut into it, as well as on how ingredients are combined, and the season in which the ingredients are harvested. In summer, after all, leaves are green, while they turn to brown in autumn.

The material can be shaped with ordinary woodworking methods and be used in for example furniture and interiors.

Photos: Yuma Kano