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Europe’s largest 3D printed building (for now) is in Germany

In the German city of Heidelberg, the largest 3D printed building (at the moment) is under construction, and will take 140 working hours to complete.

The building, a data centre developed by PERI 3D Construction, is being constructed from 100% recyclable concrete, and is said to have a 55% lower carbon footprint than conventional concrete, according to the manufacturer Heidelberg Materials. At the moment of construction, it is the largest 3D printed structre, with 54 metres long, eleven metres wide and nine metres high.

The building cannot be printed at once, as the layers need time to set. In the meantime, cabling, pipes and windows can be installed. Construction started in March and will be finished in July. During the 140 working hours it takes to print the building, only two construction workers have to be present at most times.

Images: PERI 3D Construction


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